Chic Triangula Dual- kolhapuri leather chappal for women

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  • Chick Triangula Dual Korakari with Leather Braids and Punching Work of Triangular Belt, kolhapuri  chappal for women

Step into the captivating blend of style and comfort with our "Chic Triangula Dual" Kolhapuri Leather Chappals for Women at Korakari. Meticulously handcrafted, these chappals redefine elegance, showcasing a unique design that effortlessly merges tradition with modern flair.

The "Chic Triangula Dual" design is a testament to our commitment to intricate detailing and genuine leather craftsmanship. These chappals not only make a bold fashion statement but also ensure durability and comfort with every step.

Ideal for diverse occasions, the versatile charm of "Chic Triangula Dual" adds a distinctive touch to your ensemble. The dual-tone hues and intricate triangular patterns create a harmonious blend.

allowing you to stride confidently with a touch of cultural richness.

At Korakari, we go beyond mere footwear; it's an exploration into the heart of tradition and style. Discover the unique allure of "Chic Triangula Dual" in our collection today and let each step be a delightful expression of refined taste and individuality. 👡✨

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Size (UK): 4
Size Chart Men

Color: Multicolor

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