Authentic Kolhapuri Chappals for Women

It’s not just about staying royal, it’s also about style and fashion. All those beautiful ladies who like maintaining their panache might want to pick up a pair of Kolhapuri sandals exclusively designed for them out of pure leather and enhanced with wonderful design. These sandals called as kolhapuri chappal are designed with elegance and they deliver the style and comfort.

You will find styles galore under women chappals. Here you will get designer, traditional and fancy Kolhapuri ladies Chappal. Wherever you will get comfy with the vogue for your precious feet, we’ve round up with a large variety in ladies Chappal. Also, reviewed them for the match, support, durability, price. Especially, handcrafted with pure authentic leather by the experts.

Be a vicinity of Indian Tradition & Culture carrying these Kolhapuri ladies Chappals. Whereas pricey, the quality and finish of these Ladies Chappals are eye-catching. Sure enough, you’ll be able to see these Chappals lasting through several winters.

Besides, we use export quality pure soft leather for making of these chappals. While it helps to reduce heat from your body. Airsole or TPR rubber sheet at the bottom makes these chappals plenty of durable. Which gives a sensible grip and offers adequate support and protection underfoot.

They are perfect for all your summer events and not only! Casual and stylish, these unique sandals will catch everyone’s attention! Made in the heart of India you will experience a bit of its tradition mixed with the modern touch of today’s rhythm! Fashion for everyday vogue or occasions. So Un-fake your vogue by making an attempt these awful collections of ladies Chappal.

We’ve diversified our range with Basic Kolhapuri Chappals, Traditional Kolhapuri Chappals,  Kolhapuri Shoes and Kolhapuri Slippers in our collection.

Here are a few images of our products that’ll help you to assess why we claim to stand out from other brands.