The Story Of The Brand Name KORAKARI

Dr. Dileep S. More decided to continue the tradition of making Kolhapuri Leather Chappal. As they are an authentic traditional style of sandals specific to the area of Kolhāpur, India, with the help of his company Divyam Leather Crafts Pvt. Ltd. But, how will he present these sandals to the public and potential customers? For this, he needed a brand name for his line of Kolhapuri chappals, but which one would be more suitable? He needed something attractive, easy to remember. So, that would fit the kind of products his company was going to provide.
One day, Dr. Dileep was at his Kolhapuri Chappals workshop, trying once more to find a good brand name for these amazing sandals. He was taking into consideration what he recently learned about the history of these sandals. And he was also playing in his mind with some words he considered as being important. Finally, Dr. Dileep was hoping to be able to come with a brand name that will be able to capture people’s attention. Curious by nature, his son Divyam, like all children, was watching the Kolhapuri chappals manufacturing process from outside. By looking through the workshop’s window, he was fascinated by the tools. The way the craftsmen was working with the leather, how they were carving it and managing to turn it into an extraordinary pair of sandals.
Deciding to take a closer look, young Divyam enters the workshop. Meeting his father, he asks him what kind of shoes are there lying around the workshop. To answer his question, Dr. Dileep says “Kolhapuri Chappals.” Intrigued by the answer, his son said “Ohh… Korakari Chappals”. You see, Dr. Dileep’s son was still too young to understand what Kolhapuri Chappals are all about and, therefore, was not able to correctly pronounce the words right. Also, his father had a pair of sandals made just for him, so, when the boy saw his own pair of Kolhapuri chappals, he broke out in surprise. Proud and happy with his new pair of sandals, Divyam started presenting them as “Korakari Chappals”, the way he thought those sandals were named.
This is when it hit Dr. Dileep that KORAKARI is the best brand name for the Kolhapuri Chappals his team and his company were producing. If a child considered this name interesting and worthy of remembering, then most certainly other people will do too. Hence, this is how the Kolhapuri Chappals made by Divyam Leather Crafts Pvt. Ltd. ended up bearing the name of Korakari Chappals, a brand that today sells throughout India and even across the seas.
We sell our products- Kolhapuri Chappals under our own registered brand “KORAKARI”. The name KORAKARI does not have any meaning, however, to know the history of the brand name “KORAKARI”, please watch the brand video here.

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Unique & Minimal Design

We, at KORAKARI Footwear have build a reputation for ourselves for making elegant yet comfortable footwear for market segments who look for variety in their footwear.

Long Lasting

A high-quality KORAKARI slipper, helps make your time away from your workplace comfortable and cozy, rejuvenating you for long days and potential struggles ahead. Do yourself a favor and buy a good pair of slippers.

Crafted Carefully

KORAKARI Slippers carefully crafted with attractive design to adorn your feet.Wear these slippers with Indian wear to complete the classic look or just slip it on with your dresses to look trendy

About Us

Handcrafted to Perfection by skilled Indian artisans, we offer a wide range of Kolhapuri Chappals.
The founder, Shri. Satappa Dhondiram More established the proprietary manufacturing firm “The More & Company” for authentic Kolhapuri Leather Chappals In 1973 at Mhalunge, the Village in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra, India. Later on, this firm was upgraded by his son Dr. Dileep More (Ph.D., IIT Bombay) in July 2014 entitled “Divyam Leather Crafts Pvt Ltd.
Divyam Leather Crafts is now engaged in manufacturing and exporting an extensive range of authentic, high quality, striking, handcrafted Kolhapuri Leather Chappals.
As of now, we have exported our Chappals to Australia, the USA, UK, and Sweden. We offer our customers and clients various new design and styles of Kolhapuri Chappals such as typical Kapsi, Paper Kapsi, Kurundvadi, Shahu, High heel, Platform heel, Pointed, T-shape Chappals. We offer 25 permanent and sun proof color shades like Natural, Brown, Dark Brown, Yellow, Dark Yellow, Pink, Baby Pink, Tan, Black, Cherry Red, Rubin, Purple, Seaweed, Dark Blue, Light Blue etc.
Using expert quality buff and goat leathers we make ethnic handmade Kolhapuri Chappals by our skilled craftsmen. For making Chappals, various processes are done step by step like Mapping, Cutting, Skiving, Pasting, Embossing, Marking, Stitching, Punching, Grinding, Coloring etc. Furthermore, after completing all the processes, we attach a 2.8 mm anti-slip TPR rubber sheet which further increases the durability of the Chappal. Here, you can see our documentary of making the Kolhapuri Leather Chappals here.

Why we?

There are several reasons to Buy Kolhapuri Leather  Chappals  Online from us as below:
  •  Authentic and Geographically Indexed (GI Marked) Kolhapuri Chappals made in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India
  •  Totally Handmade and Made in Export Quality Leather
  • Eye-catching and Unique Traditional Designs.
  • Large variety (1000+ models) for Men, Women and Kids.
  •  Colorful- Use 15 Permanent and Sun proof Colors.
  •  Anti-Slip Nature – Attach 2.8 mm TPR sheet at the bottom.
  •  Sturdy and durable.
  •  Good for heath- reduces heat from the body
  • Eco-friendly.

Kolhapuri Chappal, Leather Sandals, Designer Chappal – Ethnic Footwear

Traditional Kolhapuri Chappal is exquisitely and eco-friendly. As these are handcrafted pure leather ethnic footwear. That is made in various villages and towns in Kolhapur District of Maharashtra, India. Due to the art of making, natural quality and limited and unique traditional touch in them, Leather Chappal, Leather Sandals are popular. Using these chappals daily is beneficial for your health. Another is they are quite sturdy, durable, comfortable and long lasting in use. One can ideally use them not only for formal wear but also for any occasion. Also, together with our designer chappals, we strive to come up with new models all the time.
Furthermore, we manufacture Leather Sandals, Designer Chappals Ethnic Footwear along with Kolhapuri Chappals. While the only thing that remains unchanged in the manufacturing process of the leather sandals. Most noteworthy, today Traditional Kolhapuri Leather Chappals, Leather Sandals are a favorite with every generation and appeal people from all walks of life!

Journey from Kolhapuri Chappal to Leather Sandals, Designer Chappal, Ethnic Footwear!

The traditional Kolhapuri chappals come in natural leather color or in very few basic colors. Also with the typical designs. However, with the passage of time, these chappals have gone through various new designs and styles. While each made for people with different preferences. Moreover, in several years we have worked on Kolhapuri chappal designs and styles. Similarly on colors. Hence we have a wide variety of designer chappals, ethnic footwear, leather sandals, Kolhapuri chappal. On kolhapurichappal.co.in you can find Kolhapuri chappals in more than 15 colors. While ranging from green, red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, black, etc.
Geometric patterns and funky designs have also been incorporated in the traditional Kolhapuri chappals which make them a must-have for the young generation. Kolhapuri chappals basically come with a flat sole, specific shapes. Furthermore, with recent innovations, you can find Kolhapuri designer chappals with heels. Even more in different shapes which add more glamor to this unique ethnic footwear.